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| The studio

ROBJIN Studio is a visual production studio based in France, specialized in the creation of 3D environments. 


Founded by artist Julien Robyn, the studio creates stunning content using, among other things, procedural techniques, the latest advances in real-time visual effects or proprietary tools based on artificial intelligence.

| Contact

If you have any questions, please send us an email at

| The backstory

Julien Robyn, started his career almost 10 years ago as a grooming artist at Illumination Mac Guff and then as a supervisor technical director - look development. His career is punctuated by freelance projects for various companies.

In 2022, after a few recognized personal projects and with an entrepreneurial character, he created his own CGI production studio to be able to work on projects of all sizes, with his own team. 

| Our clients

On point

Avant Labs

Stim studio

NEXR Technologies


Stinks studios


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